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Postpartum Support  Services

About Me

A New Beginning

Hello and Welcome!  I am Megan, a mother to two beautiful young daughters, Penelope & Wendy - the reason I'm so passionate about everything motherhood, especially during the postpartum phase.  

I am currently pursuing my certification as a CPD (Certified Postpartum Doula) and CLE (Certified Lactation Educator) through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association

How did I get here?

I had no idea what a postpartum doula was until I found myself wandering around social media, checking out tips and tricks to newborn breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, and baby wearing. In a way, Instagram was my postpartum doula as it guided me through many of the challenges that most parents of newborns find themselves in.

Through that forum, I found confidence as a second time mother to a newborn. Once the dust settled after the 4th trimester (that four month sleep regression is a doozy!), I realized how much passion I had in using my experiences to help others through the fog that is postpartum.
I hope to connect with families who have been through, are currently going through, or will be going through the postpartum period.


I look forward to learning, teaching, and to offering my support through your postpartum experience!g

Light Pink Roses


When I was a few weeks postpartum, Megan provided me with the most amazing breastfeeding support. I was really struggling with breastfeeding altogether …. baby was having trouble latching, I wasn’t producing enough milk, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any harder, I got a clogged duct. I reached out to Megan who responded immediately with so many helpful tips and advice. She helped me with me with my clogged duct, but even more so, she helped me not feel so alone. She reminded me that breastfeeding is a different journey for every woman (and even the same woman with different babies!), and that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, I wasn’t alone, and that I was still a good mom. I will be eternally grateful for her support.

- Carol Ann

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