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In-Home Services

The services below are provided at the client's residence and are included in the standard services which can be reserved by filling out the contact form below.

Mother Care

Baring witness to mother's healing and recovery.  Making recommendations on additional care to seek from qualified specialists; i.e., obstetrician, pediatrician, mental health providers. Ensuring mother is sleeping and eating for optimal recovery

Light Housekeeping

Loading the dishwasher, washing pump parts, rotating laundry, sweeping

Lactation Support

Nursing and/or pumping support to maximize comfort and output for mom and baby

Sleep Support

Supporting parents' sleep by encouraging and modeling safe sleep practices with baby.  Staying up with baby to allow parents' sleep

Other Services

The services below are supplemental and not included in the standard services.  Virtual visits and Postpartum Nourishment can be reserved by filling out the contact form below.  

Virtual Visits

On-camera guidance to provide as much support as possible without being in physical contact.  This is best suited for new clients who may be experiencing communicable illness, outside of my geographical coverage, or clients on vacation/temporarily out of town

Postpartum Nourishment

Preparation of 1st meal delivered to the client up to two weeks prior to due date to bring to hospital, based on New Mother Caregiving's Post Birth Recovery Meal Plan

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