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Delivery of 1st meal to nourish and heal your newly postpartum mind, body, and spirt.  This meal is delivered to your home close to your due date, which can be frozen until labor starts.  The 1st postpartum meal can be unpredictable if not planned ahead.  Adding this to the postpartum services you've selected will set the tone for your postpartum healing.  Foods and drinks are from New Mother Caregiving's recipes, including: 

  • Turmeric lactation tea, a traditional Ayurvedic tea which supports lactation, digestion, reduced inflammation, immunity, and hydration. 
  • Stewed fruits to promote soft and regular bowels after birth.  
  • Banana Almond Chocolate Chip muffins for lactation, digestion, energy, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and brain development for both mom and baby. 
  • Bone broth is an easily digestible form of protein vital to tissue repair and digestive healing.
  • Sunshine oatmeal is a warm and comforting dish to support lactation and healthy bowels.
  • Savory congee is another warm and comforting dish to promote lactation and healing, made with poridged rice, ghee, and turmeric.  This can be served by itself or with broth and/or vegatables.
  • Dilled vegatables supports lactation, while the vegetables and ghee provide fiber and nutrients to support healing

1st Postpartum Meal

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